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MAKING CITY_The Exhibition 2

Following the review of the exhibition “Making city”, it’s time for visiting the selected projects by the organization to explain other three approaches to the term making city.

This time they deal with social status (newcomers to the city’s population) and environmental issues (the case of cities in relationship with the water and agriculture as part of urban life):

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The issue of transportation within the cities is on the spotlight for a big amount of the reflections focused on the urban space.

The car culture that emerged after the Industrial Revolution has shaped many places of the city, due to the space that occupies both in movement and parked. Is it time for a change, not just in the transportation, but also the space that is generated around it?

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MAKING CITY_The Exhibition 1

These are the last weeks of my time living in Rotterdam. To conclude the review of the 5th IABR I’ve been doing until now in the blog, I’d like to make a review of the main event (In content and duration) that is taking place at the NAi.

Is the exhibition “Making City”, which opened on April 20th 2012 and will be available until August 12th on the main floor of the NAi. It presents a series of stages, of “Living Environments” through nine approaches to the term “Making City”, each one of them starting with a premise and ending with a conclusion applicable to the city.

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Crowdfunding Urbanism

Crowdfunding is a term applied to a collective cooperation through a network of people to get funding or other resources, often using the Internet as the mean to achieve it.

It’s been applied to different cases: new artists starting their careers, product design, private projects that contribute to a community… and even to urban planning and design.

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