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In this post I would like to talk about the concept of CoHousing, from a point of view more theoretical than formal, as I believe that many of the principles can be successfully applied to the future of housing settlements.

CoHousing is a term used to describe a type of community housing composed of private homes supplemented by shared facilities. The community is planned and managed by its residents.

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La ANÉCDOTA experience

On July 23 I received a message via twitter which offered me the opportunity to be part of one of the experiences of La Anécdota collective.

La Anécdota is an initiative that seeks for new ways to meet the professional and personal challenges collectively allowing different degrees of involvement and participation depending on the circumstances of each individual. It is an idea directly related to the concept of open company.

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This last August, during the transition time between Rotterdam and New York – my next destination – , I spent a few days enjoying my hometown, Logroño.

Here I have known about an interesting project to introduce small-scale agriculture in the urban life of the city, whose first implementation is being a real success.

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