La ANÉCDOTA experience

On July 23 I received a message via twitter which offered me the opportunity to be part of one of the experiences of La Anécdota collective.

La Anécdota is an initiative that seeks for new ways to meet the professional and personal challenges collectively allowing different degrees of involvement and participation depending on the circumstances of each individual. It is an idea directly related to the concept of open company.

This time it was a call for papers for the Congress EQUIciuDAD 2012, and the aim was to explain what is La Anécdota.

Marina Blázquez and Andrea Robles, the ones that were contacted by the organization of the event (Actually the group was founded in the same Congress a year ago) gave the first step. They decided to send a “call for possible collaboration” to the people who had interacted in some way with La Anécdota platform in the weeks before (I personally wrote a comment on a blog post) to arrange a meeting between us in order to prepare the document.

I have to admit that I was curious about it, since it’s not a very conventional way of doing things, and there is exactly where this group has a lot to say.

Because it challenges traditional work systems and the role of those involved, creating heterogeneous groups to confront a particular situation at a particular time, setting several degrees of involvement:






In which each one can be positioned. In this case, following this model, we made several work sessions to define the experience that each of us were living, in order to explain and define what is La Anécdota.

As a result, that seems to me quite logical, we concluded that the best way to explain La Anécdota as a proposal was generating one in situ, involving the audience in the Congress, making them part of it, like the people who were taking part in these preparation work sessions. Thus, the format “statement” was put in crisis, and transformed into a “workshop” format.

At the end the document was not selected, but it was a very enriching experience (though La Anécdota will be present in the conference through a speech explaining its proposal for Lorca competition, a very interesting proposal which again questions the working mode in the format “architecture competition” to propose an alternative based on the collective intelligence).

It was especially interesting the fact that I witnessed and participated in a different way to face challenges, to think, to question the standards, that believes things can be done differently, collectively, involving people related to the project, and doing it in a committed way, intimately related with time and place.

You can read a copy of the statement here.

La Anédota on twitter. 


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