NYC Architectural Scene Review

Following the review of events IABR series that I wrote from Rotterdam since May to September, I would like to start a new category of reviews, this time from my current place of residence, New York City.

The quantity of proposals from the different institutions related with Architecture that this city offers is huge, and they treat a wide range of topics, but I will focus in the ones that address the issues more related with the topics I usually treat on the blog, or give an interpretation related to them.

Events from places like The Architectural League of New York, Centre for Architecture, Storefront for Art and Architecture, Studio X or events and exhibitions organized by Universities like Columbia GSAPP or Cooper Union.

The offer is wide and varied, so any suggestion from you will be very welcome, in order to create a good overview of the current preoccupations in architecture from an exciting metropolis like New York.


One response to “NYC Architectural Scene Review

  1. felixchevalone|new york city venues October 29, 2012 at 9:57 am

    Well this is obvious for New York,consider the bounty that New York has,this will certainly be a hit,and many people will offer good suggestions.

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