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OSU//The Interviews//Saskia Sassen


For the first of the series OSU//Interviews, I invited Saskia Sassen, Columbia University. Throughout her books and articles, she treats topics related with globalization and the future of cities, use of new technologies and networked territories.

Her work is related in many ways with Architecture and Urbanism, and this interview will try to point out those relationships. Her definition of an Open Source Urbanism is what triggered the beginning of this blog, and is an honour to have her as the inaugurator of the Interviews section of the blog:

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OSU//The Interviews


In its aim of analyzing current problems that the field of Architecture is going through and exploring its possible solutions, Open Source Urbanism Blog opens a new section: OSU//The Interviews.

Through experiences from different people related in one way or another to the field, we will try to create together a picture of impressions on the future of the city from the current generation of professionals.

With the collaboration of Renowned and Young Architects, Academics, Critics, Sociologists, Artists, Planners… The Interviews will address some of the topics treated in the blog so far applied to their expertise: Bottom Up Planning, Collective Architecture, Open Source Strategies, Architecture Critics in Social Media…

An exciting new section that hopefully you will enjoy reading as much as I do writing it.

Stay tuned!