Facing the New Year

Back in the road

It has been a while since the last time I posted an entry, and for that reason I feel the need of writing some words before getting back in track with more articles, interviews and collaborations.

The main reason that has caused the break is my recent incorporation to a high-demanding architectural office in the city. I am taking part into very exciting and extremely interesting projects but I also find myself questioning the principles of the current practice model (something I will explain in a future post) as something in highly need for a change.

In the meantime there has been also very good news, since I will get an article published in the next issue of “POST Magazine”. It has been a pleasure working with them; I am looking forward to receiving the printed copy.

Anyhow, I feel ready, as I said, to get back on track, since I have still a lot of topics to talk about.

Stay tuned! And thanks for the support!


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