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OSU//The Interviews//Andrés Jaque


To continue with the series OSU//Interviews, I would like to introduce Andrés Jaque, architect founder of the Office for Political Innovation, Advanced Design Professor at Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation GSAPP Columbia University and Visiting Professor at Princeton School of Architecture. He has recently being awarded with the silver lion to the best research project at the 14th Venice Biennale with the work entitled: “SALES ODDITY. Milano2 and the Politics of Direct-To-Home TV Urbanism”.

His work explores the potential of post-foundational politics and symmetrical approaches to the sociology of technology to rethink architectural practices, a topic very related with the scope of interest of this blog. As an architect currently active in the professional and the academic world, his point of view will be a great addition to the blog’s open discussions:

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Sites of contestation

sites of contestation

The following article is a collaboration I recently wrote with Diana Cristóbal, MsAAD Columbia Graduate and Adjunt Assistant Professor at the same school, taking as a base the idea explained in the article “The Shared Space” and developing further to analyze the relationship between social and architectural implications of the citizen’s protests around the globe:

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