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ClassAct: Active School project by actLAB


actLAB is a New York-based collaborative design group working at the intersection of architecture, education, illustration and social entrepreneurship. The studio is formed by good friends of mine, led by architect Aya Maceda with collaborators Sandra Javera and Buzz Wei.

They are a really young office producing a range of very interesting projects. They recently launched a kickstarter campaign to fund one of their latest projects: ClassAct: Active School, a proposal to [re]build classrooms for marginal Filipino Communities through low-cost school design that innovates local construction. I believe is a project worth taking a look at and support in any way you can afford, so I asked them to write a small entry for the blog explaining what they aim to achieve with this proposal:

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Sites of contestation

sites of contestation

The following article is a collaboration I recently wrote with Diana Cristóbal, MsAAD Columbia Graduate and Adjunt Assistant Professor at the same school, taking as a base the idea explained in the article “The Shared Space” and developing further to analyze the relationship between social and architectural implications of the citizen’s protests around the globe:

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HomeGrown Cities Project // URBZ

Homegrown Cities

A couple of days ago, I received an e-mail from the URBZ team, explaining the project “Homegrown cities” that they are developing in the city of Mumbai. Their thinking on the future of the cities is very much related with ideas treated in this blog, starting from the user to create a “user-generated city”.

I find their work really interesting and inspiring, so I asked them for an article to publish in the blog, changing the format of a usual entry at OSU and, hopefully, opening the blog to more extensive collaborations with outside the box urban thinkers:

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