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knitknot architecture

knitknot architecture3

Over the last few months, I have been involved, as co-founder, in shaping a collective architecture practice that I am very proud to be presenting today: knitknot architecture.

knitknot architecture is an international collective of Architects, Urban Planners, Artists and Thinkers with the aim of creating a framework to work collectively as a professional studio.

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A new permanent section has been added to “Open Source Urbanism”.

Together with the pages “About”, “Contact” and “Links” you can find now “Publications”, a place to gather all the articles published in other media, as magazines, internet sites, confence publications… in my aim to expand the reach of the topics treated in the blog.

Once more, an exciting new section that hopefully you will enjoy reading as much as I did writing.

Stay tuned!

Second Anniversary!

Second Anniversary

Second Anniversary!

I was quite shocked when I realized how fast this second year has passed, it may sound cliché but it feels like yesterday when I was writing the first anniversary post.

In terms of articles published, it has been a bit less productive than the first one; I like to think that is because I got established after the first push. But I have also had my first experiences publishing in magazines, the Venezuelan “entre rayas” and the Autralian “Post magazine”, both of them great experiences and with more to come.

I also had the great chance of opening an interviews section starting with Saskia Sassen, an absolute pleasure. Section that I really enjoy both writing and reading and will (very soon) keep growing.

So, one year more, just thank everyone who has spent some time reading the posts, stay tuned for what is coming!

Urbanism and Education

Urbanism and Education


The Death and Life of Great American Cities, by Jane Jacobs, is the last Architecture-related book that has ended in my hands. A long overdue read that currently has earned a fixed spot in the bag that shares with me any displacement I do in New York.

The book is widely known since it was first published and one of the most influential texts about the way cities work. Going through its pages, you may find yourself producing a huge amount of thoughts after almost every paragraph.

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Facing the New Year

Back in the road

It has been a while since the last time I posted an entry, and for that reason I feel the need of writing some words before getting back in track with more articles, interviews and collaborations.

The main reason that has caused the break is my recent incorporation to a high-demanding architectural office in the city. I am taking part into very exciting and extremely interesting projects but I also find myself questioning the principles of the current practice model (something I will explain in a future post) as something in highly need for a change.

In the meantime there has been also very good news, since I will get an article published in the next issue of “POST Magazine”. It has been a pleasure working with them; I am looking forward to receiving the printed copy.

Anyhow, I feel ready, as I said, to get back on track, since I have still a lot of topics to talk about.

Stay tuned! And thanks for the support!

West 104th Street Garden


I recently have moved to a new apartment in the city of New York, right next to Central Park, in 104th St. I didn’t even realize when I was within the insanity involved in apartment hunting in Manhattan (something worth an entire investigation, not only for the prizes, but for the typologies), but right across the street there is a Community Garden.

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First Anniversary!

First Anniversary

It has been already a year since Open Source Urbanism was born. A very rewarding year in a personal level, lots of interesting topics through 30 articles and lots of interesting people that I have met in the way. I hope it has been interesting also for the multiple different readers that spent a bit of their time reading them. Thanks to all of you!

And now is time to start thinking about year two, to explore some new ideas I have in mind for the site, and make it grow in different directions. Stay tuned, more is coming!


The rise of the Collective

entry collective

A new way of understand and organize an Architectural Practice is growing amongst young Architects all over the world. A project is not anymore the result of a unique genius mind and a uni-personal point of view, but the result of a collective way of thinking, designing and working.

What are the circumstances that have led to this tendency? Is Architecture, after being lost for some time, finding a new path, a new movement? Let´s analyse the possible causes.

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Are we ready to face the shrinkage of a city?

Shrinking cities

What happens when a city has to deal with depopulation? When its economic model, its growth engine, suffers a recession? As professionals in the field, Architects and Urban planners should consider these consequences, and propose alternatives.

Again, it seems that the problem has arrived and has taken us out of resources.

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It has been already some time that I wanted to write about this project I discovered thanks to a good friend when I was living in Rotterdam. Is a virtual platform that, through a series of games, recreatse urban situations seeking to establish direct contact with the citizens, platform that is called Engagement Game Lab (EGL).

This is a research laboratory inside the Emerson College in Boston, a college that does not include in its curriculum studies related to architecture and urbanism, but this laboratory develops its directly related to life in the city research within their Visual and Media Arts department, a clear example of how other disciplines can interact with urban development and citizen participation.

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