Professor of Urban and Regional Planning. Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Cityleft does urban studies, planning, architecture, Urban Art Interventions, theoretical research, visual investigations, and media art, working to re-interpret theory, practice, and social behaviours.

Blog authored by Kevin Klinkenberg, with the intention to explore the many issues surrounding our cities, towns and neighborhoods, and how to make them more walkable.
Incubator for innovative products and services related with very different areas of the world of architecture.
Online magazine dedicated to the discussion of contemporary international architecture, art, and design; critiquing new designs and showcasing research on contemporary issues in the design world.

Updates on news, events and previews from the world of architecture, design and art.

A collaborative blog about cities across the globe.

An international blog by young academics on urban planning, design, urban economics, and human geography.

Everything from urban fish farming to alternate energy, testing out innovative ideas from all around world and making them work.

Award winning social media movement encouraging discussion about sustainable cities, sharing urban trends, analysis and ideas  for our urban world

Domenico di Siena’s personal blog. About Sentient Cityies, Emergent Urbanism, p2p Urbanism, Local Development, Social Networking and Innovation.

The Institute of Urbanology learns from its environment while contributing to its improvement, having sharpened its methodology through years of fieldwork in New York, Bogota, Tokyo, Istanbul, New Delhi, Goa and Mumbai.

Blog on the research on cycles and rhythms that will be embedded in the most recent developments in technology, applied to the cities.

Non-profit organization dedicated to (re)discovering the exceptional oddities and alternative visions that make every city so different to every other.

Blog from the newspaper “Diagonal”, about the relationship between city, architecture, ideas (and freedom), in order to propose a critical view of the metropolitan area.

This blog (from the newspaper “El Pais”) presents opportunities and challenges of the twenty-first century cities worldwide, from Nairobi to Sao Paulo, from Shanghai to Lagos.

The purpose of this blog is to analyze the changes that occur in architectural publications. Its main content is composed of reviews, criticism pieces and articles of digital or printed publications related with the present changes critizism is going thorugh.

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