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Enchanting the Existing

Enchanting the existing

Last March 25th took place at Columbia GSAPP’s Avery Hall a conference by Anne Lacaton, from the French Studio Lacaton & Vassal. With the name “Reinvent: Enchanting the Existing”, Lacaton went through some of the projects of her office since it started back in 1987.

She started treating the concept of Inhabiting in Architecture. The way they conceive it is major issue for their work, focused on building space from the inside, and not from the outside. For them, the idea of virgin territory no longer exists; the point is to exalt the capacities of the existing. An extremely interesting concept that they have been developing for 25 years and appears especially adequate in today’s Architectural scene.

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Design After Decline

“Design after decline, how America rebuilds shrinking cities”  was a conference by Brent D. Ryan, assistant professor of Urban Design and public policy in MIT, that took place at Columbia University last October 16th enclosed in their LiPS program (Lecture in Planning Series).

Is a Doctoral work based on the cases of Detroit and Philadelphia, both shrinking cities, following twin narratives since the High Modernism’s end (which Ryan illustrated through projects as the Golden Lane from Peter and Allison Smithson, in London, or the Plan Voisin for Paris by Le Corbusier)

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It has been already some time that I wanted to write about this project I discovered thanks to a good friend when I was living in Rotterdam. Is a virtual platform that, through a series of games, recreatse urban situations seeking to establish direct contact with the citizens, platform that is called Engagement Game Lab (EGL).

This is a research laboratory inside the Emerson College in Boston, a college that does not include in its curriculum studies related to architecture and urbanism, but this laboratory develops its directly related to life in the city research within their Visual and Media Arts department, a clear example of how other disciplines can interact with urban development and citizen participation.

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In this post I would like to talk about the concept of CoHousing, from a point of view more theoretical than formal, as I believe that many of the principles can be successfully applied to the future of housing settlements.

CoHousing is a term used to describe a type of community housing composed of private homes supplemented by shared facilities. The community is planned and managed by its residents.

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