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Are we ready to face the shrinkage of a city?

Shrinking cities

What happens when a city has to deal with depopulation? When its economic model, its growth engine, suffers a recession? As professionals in the field, Architects and Urban planners should consider these consequences, and propose alternatives.

Again, it seems that the problem has arrived and has taken us out of resources.

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Design After Decline

“Design after decline, how America rebuilds shrinking cities”  was a conference by Brent D. Ryan, assistant professor of Urban Design and public policy in MIT, that took place at Columbia University last October 16th enclosed in their LiPS program (Lecture in Planning Series).

Is a Doctoral work based on the cases of Detroit and Philadelphia, both shrinking cities, following twin narratives since the High Modernism’s end (which Ryan illustrated through projects as the Golden Lane from Peter and Allison Smithson, in London, or the Plan Voisin for Paris by Le Corbusier)

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