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West 104th Street Garden


I recently have moved to a new apartment in the city of New York, right next to Central Park, in 104th St. I didn’t even realize when I was within the insanity involved in apartment hunting in Manhattan (something worth an entire investigation, not only for the prizes, but for the typologies), but right across the street there is a Community Garden.

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This last August, during the transition time between Rotterdam and New York – my next destination – , I spent a few days enjoying my hometown, Logroño.

Here I have known about an interesting project to introduce small-scale agriculture in the urban life of the city, whose first implementation is being a real success.

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After a time working on projects for cities like Hong Kong or Shenzhen trying; mainly, to understand its scale and its way of working, is possible to get to the conclusion that in terms of mobility, density and even architectural typology, the terms used until now to define a city are becoming obsolete.

We are in front of something different, which stopped being a city, at least just one, to become a multi-nucleus network, a new concept, a syncytium.

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