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Uneven Growth: Tactical Urbanisms for Expanded Megacities


As the third part of the series “Issues in Contemporary Architecture”, curated by Pedro Gadanho, last November 22nd opened at the Museum of Modern Art in New York the Exhibition “Uneven Growth: Tactical Urbanism for Expanding Megacities”.

The name of the exhibition attracted my interest from the first moment; since seeing an institution like the MoMA using the term “tactical urbanism” is an indicative on the impact that this kind of proposals are currently having in the architectural scene.

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A new permanent section has been added to “Open Source Urbanism”.

Together with the pages “About”, “Contact” and “Links” you can find now “Publications”, a place to gather all the articles published in other media, as magazines, internet sites, confence publications… in my aim to expand the reach of the topics treated in the blog.

Once more, an exciting new section that hopefully you will enjoy reading as much as I did writing.

Stay tuned!